Monday, 16 January 2017

Beautiful Peony and rose wedding flowers

Today is BLUE MONDAY. Apparently the day we are saddest as we now are in the throws of winter, Christmas is over and we are all getting our credit card bills etc and are coming to the realization we overspent during the festivities, oh yes and it's Monday!!
So to combat all this I thought I would share with you this beautifully pretty wedding from last May. The flowers were chosen by the bride, she knew exactly what she wanted - peony and roses. Fortunately May is a month when the beautiful peony is in season, always a plus with this temperamental flower.

The bridal bouquet was a stunning mix of pink peony, avalanche roses in pink and white, white hydrangeas, pink sweet peas and gyp.

The roses, peony and sweet peas are all scented so as well as it looking pretty the scent was divine.

The three bridesmaids carried a very simple but highly scented bouquet of mixed peonies.

Lovely bundles of ruffles.

All bouquet stems were bound with hessian

The three flower girls each wore a pretty wrist corsage of pink sweet peas. These were presented on an white ribbon to be tied on.

Again highly scented bundles of ruffles

One of the mums wore a peony and gyp buttonhole

Stems bound with twine

The groomsmen all wore pink roses with gyp

The other ladies wore a white rose with gyp and foliage

The groom wore a mix selection of flowers from the bridal bouquet

tied as a natural bunch rather than wired.

The page boy looked so cute with his very own spray rose and gyp buttonhole.

This is Part 1 of this wedding and part 2 will be on show tomorrow. Please make sure you check back in as this really was such a pretty set up at a fabulous venue.

If you like any of these designs or want to discuss us styling your own day, please get in touch to book a consultation. Dates for 2017 are filling up and 2018 is looking busy too. Don't miss out if you like us to help you have your dream wedding flowers.

*If you are looking to include the fabulous peony in your wedding the prime time for these flowers is May -July. You can get them either side of these dates and a small selection in the autumn BUT beware. Outside their season they are highly expensive and of poor quality (usually but not extensively) so to make the most of them choose your wedding date very carefully.
A good florist will be able to show you other flowers with similar style to enhance your bouquets and not break your budget. 
Ask us for advice first

Sandra x

Friday, 13 January 2017

Gift Flowers for local delivery around Lincoln, Newark, Scunthorpe, Gainsborough and Brigg

Did you know we deliver gift flower designs?
We keep a small selection of flowers in stock for those days when you need something fast, yes we can do same day delivery!!
Otherwise we ask if you want something bespoke then please allow a few days between ordering and delivering and we can tailor the design to your specifications.

Some flowers such as these Chocolate roses (above) do need a week to order

Or you can leave it to florist choice and we will pick the best blooms available at market and get you a beautiful mix of blooms.

Whether you prefer designs in foam

or hand tied bouquets in water

we can deliver locally 6 days a week. If you ask super nicely for a very special event we may be able to deliver on Sunday's too.

Baskets are another option, coming back in fashion and something the supermarkets don't offer.

We deliver locally, Lincoln, Newark, Scunthorpe, Gainsborough, Brigg and all the surrounding villages. We may be able to go further afield depending on work load.

Rainbow roses are another fabulous choice but do need a week's notice to send.

With St Valentine's Day fast approaching get your order in early be that for a mixed red hand tied bouquet

or a beautiful dozen red roses. All will be hand delivered in water for added freshness to your sweetheart.

Spring designs are now available. Sweetly scented too.

Or choose a pastel mix of flowers

Or a spring bowl of tulips and willow

The choice is yours.

For bespoke designs or same day urgent deliveries it is always best to ring and let us talk through your plans otherwise you can order 24/7 online through our partnership with Direct2Florist on our website here

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Ficus - Houseplant of the Month January

January 2017: Ficus benjamina Houseplant of the Month

The story of Ficus 
Beautiful leaves and an attractive structure make Ficus one of the most popular houseplants and indoor trees around. The plant is a member of the Moraceae (mulberry) family, which also includes the fig, rubber plant and hop plant.
Ficus benjamina is distinguished by the oval leaves, 3 to 13 cm long, with a pointed tip, and by the white sap in the woody trunks, stems and leaves. One notable feature is that the Ficus flower does not look like a flower. It’s a ‘false fruit’ which contains the tiny male and female organs which, after pollination, produce a small fig. The plant will only flower when it’s mature. It is mainly juvenile forms of Ficus that are offered as houseplants, which do not yet produce these false fruit (flowers). Improvements in cultivars and cultivation mean that Ficus benjamina is enjoying quite a comeback. One decisive factor for the consumer is often the plant’s air-purifying effect on its surroundings. Ficus is evergreen. 
Ficus grows in South and South-East Asia and Australia. The largest Ficus Benjamina can be found in India, with a crown diameter of 131 metres and more than 1775 aerial roots which support the tree. 
What to look for when buying Ficus
● When buying Ficus, look for a healthy leaf colour and good shape. The more balanced the plant’s shape is and the fuller its foliage, the greater the decorative value.
● When white variegated cultivars have been travelling for a long time, they can drop leaves due to lack of light.
● The plant should be free of disease and pests. With Ficus, be particularly alert for woolly aphids and scale insects.
● The thicker and more leathery the leaf, the less sensitive the plant is to lower humidity, and therefore easier to care for.
● Ficus benjamina is sensitive to cold - something to think about during the colder months. At temperatures below 12-15°C it’s a good idea to wrap it carefully at the time of sale. 
Choice of range
The Ficus genus is extensive. Ficus benjamina is the most varied species within the range. Dozens of cultivars are available. The one thing all varieties have in common is the pointy leaf tip. They differ in terms of leaf colour, colour pattern, leaf size and leaf shape: from green to white variegated cultivars, with small or larger leaves which are entirely smooth or have a wavy edge or gutter. The plant’s name is linked to these characteristics. There are various classic and modern forms, with a single, twisted or woven trunk, branched, bush shape or espalier being the most common. 
Care tips for consumers
● Ficus requires a light position. The more variegated the leaves, the more light the plant needs. However, it’s best to avoid bright direct sunlight, particularly in the summer months.
● The lighter the plant’s position, the more water it needs. So adapt the amount of water to the position and water regularly: the soil should never dry out entirely.
● Give less water during the hibernation period in winter, and make sure the water isn’t too cold. Place the plant outside in a refreshing rain shower in the spring and summer.
● Plant food once a month will keep your Ficus attractive and strong.
● Any yellow or ugly leaves can be pulled off.
● Leaf drop in autumn and winter is usually caused by dry air indoors from central heating. Humidifiers are a solution to this.
● If the plant gets too big or less attractive, it can be pruned, preferably in the winter months with sharp secateurs. When the days start to get longer, the plant will produce new leaves of its own accord. The white sap released when pruning is not toxic, but it is a bit sticky. It’s a good idea to wash your hands after pruning.
Courtesy of Flower Council of Holland

If you would like to purchase on of these plants please get in touch for prices and sizes.


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

White blue and silver wedding party flowers

Another intimate wedding party from last year but oh so pretty flowers and colours.
Debbie knew the colours she wanted but left the rest up to me apart from she wanted some Calla lily in her bouquet.
The style she chose was a hand tie but with a small trail of flowers.

This gorgeous bouquet had white calla lily, eustoma, astilbe and gyp with blue Nigella and cornflower with silver senecio foliage.

A very summery bouquet for a June wedding.
Probably the best profile of the bouquet shape.

The bridesmaid carried an all blue and silver posy hand tie.

I loved this one so very pretty and sums up Summer very well.
Cornflower, Nigella and Scabious with silver senecio foliage.

The flower girls each carried a silver heart wand with  a small corsage of Nigella and cornflowers and foliage.

Trailing silver and blue ribbon trails

The groom wore a calla lily buttonhole with a few Nigella and cornflowers to add colour and silver leaf.

The mums wore a white corsage of calla lily, eustoma, astilbe and gyp with foliage

While the dads wore a eustoma and gyp boutonniere.

We love small wedding at The Studio as we believe everyone should be able to have the flowers of their dreams whatever the size of their wedding.

If you would like to discuss your wedding flowers please get in touch to book a consultation today.

Sandra x

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Hen Party Flower Crown Workshops

NEW FOR 2017 - Hen party workshops

Come along to a venue in Lincoln* (AnShen Acupuncture on West Parade will be the main base) with your nearest and dearest for an afternoon of flowery fun.
Learn how to make a flower crown that you can then wear for the rest of your celebrations. Suitable for the younger (minimum age 14) and older members of your family who maybe don't or can't trail round the bars. Or team it up with going out for a meal or afternoon tea** if drinking isn't for you.

I can either supplier neutral colour flowers or team it up with your wedding colours and flower varieties, depending on how secret you are keeping them. (If you are a bridesmaid I will need permission from the bride to use exact flowers/colours used for wedding. Otherwise it will be a general choice). All items required for each person to make a flower crown will be provided along with refreshments. 
Each workshop will run up for up to 3 hours, leaving plenty of time for fun and laughter with no pressure on getting crowns made.

6 guests (minimum) £240 (£40 each)
8 guests £300 (£37.50 each)
11 guests £350 (£35 each and bride goes FREE)

£40 booking fee required to hold the date per workshop and final payment is 3 weeks before. 

*Other venues can be arranged such as your home. Mileage charges will apply. 
** Afternoon Tea can be arranged to coincide with the workshop for an additional fee. Please ask for details.

To Book online follow this link

Click on Hen Party Workshop and select See Times
Under Location select Lincoln Workshop and See times.

I have 6 dates available for online booking.
22nd and 29th April
6th and 20th May
3rd and 24th June

 Other dates can and will be made available as demand increases. There are currently 6 places available for each of these dates. If you require more (up to 12 inc Bride) please let me know and I can add to the booking page and change the price per person as above.
OR you can book by phoning me on 07748095431 and pay by credit card or BACS.

Please ask for further date availability. 

Any questions please get in touch.

Sandra x

Monday, 9 January 2017

Hydrangea, tulip and rose wedding at The Judge's Lodgings

Georgina came to me through Gill at The Judge's Lodgings whom I have a really good relationship with. (I have always had my stand in there for The Bailgate Wedding Fayre)
Georgina was having a small and intimate wedding but knew the look and flowers she wanted to use for her bouquets.
The colour scheme was mainly blue with coral and pink as accents.

The bridal bouquet was full of royal blue hydrangeas with pink tulips and cappuccino rose with a small amount of pistachio foliage.
The stems were bound with satin ribbon.

Her one bridesmaid wore a gown of light blue and carried a matching hand bag which we decorated with hydrangea, tulips, pistachio and ivy leaves.

The groomsmen each wore a buttonhole of a pink tulip and hydrangea floret with foliage.

The whole wedding was held at The Judges's Lodgings and we provided the ceremony table display to compliment the bridal flowers.

A few professional images of the day sent to me by Georgina.

If you like any of these displays or or getting married at The Judge's Lodgings do get in touch and ask for a no obligation consultation to discuss your flower style.

Sandra x