Friday, 1 March 2013


I think I have just discovered a really useful way of using social media. Wow! I mean it is great to use facebook to keep in touch with brides and suppliers alike. Twitter is great but mostly for suppliers, and I have found many useful contacts for both passing names to brides and some wonderful contacts for fresh British flowers (more of this at a later date). I don't mean to rubbish either of these at all. BUT I have just had an ephiphany! Didn't really get Pinterest, have made a board or two and have a handful of followers and found some gorgeous photos I have pinned, but more as a passing interest nothing useful. WOW again how useful is it (I'm sorry if you already have found/used this). A bride and groom wanted table displays but not really sure what. We talked about various ways that would sit with their theme but I didn't have pictures of some but knew I had seen some on the net. Instead of emailing a long list and spending time doing so, how about I make a pin board just for them with images I found. WOW. How easy was that. I spent a lovely hour or so going on sites I knew had these images and there we have it. They can source the original creator if they wish, I get to give inspiration, they can also add images if they happen to find something better. I shall definitely be using this again. So keep an eye on Pinterest. Search for Sandras flowerstudio, or simply use it to make your own mood boards to show your own suppliers. Never have to lug a folder around again and how many more images could you pin if you didn't have to worry about cutting and sticking them. Any images can be pinned, I think, just download a 'Pin it' button and away you go.

Happy Pinning