Thursday, 31 January 2013

Red bouquet ideas

 Are you having red as your colour scheme? Red or burgundy are always a popular choice and as such red roses are very often selected.
Above, burgundy red and ivory roses with fern and gyp hand-tie.
 Roses come in various shades of red. Here we have a more scarlet red rose in a modern posy style. Roses wrapped in large leaves with added gold wire detail.

 Deep red and ivory roses with hypericum berries for a wintry feel.
Red roses again but with Skimmia and small cones for a more autumnal look.
A mass of red roses with deep green foliage and bear grass loops.
 Want a country style bouquet. Or concerned red may not go with other colours? Add in trails of ivy, purple freesias and stocks with red spray roses and germinis.
 Don't like foliage? A hand tie design of different size red roses with protea petals tied with gorgeous gold organza.
 Add a touch of pink to a red bouquet to give a lighter more interesting look. Just make sure the colours tone together.

As usual this is only a selection of what is available, please ask for more designs.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Yellow bouquet ideas

As yellow bridesmaids are getting popular so are yellow bouquets. Not a colour traditionally chosen for weddings but it creates gorgeous fresh bouquets.
Above: Yellow calla lilies wrapped in leaves give a different take on the hand tie.
 A mix of golden yellow roses, white roses, veronica, stephanotis and foliage.
 Although this is more orange than yellow I have added it to this section. Included are roses, spray roses, hypericum, cones, holly and spruce.
 Yellow freesias add a gorgeous scent to bouquets, add in roses and fern for a more traditional posy feel.
 Yellow roses en mass with a collar of ruscus and wild bear grass for a vibrant look.
 A fresh spring bouquet of tulips, hyacinths, ranunculus and roses.
 Another spring bouquet of gorgeous yellow tulips.
A teardrop bouquet of yellow roses, white freesia and blue agapanthus with fern.

As always this is a small selection of what is about, many more types of flowers are available in differing shades of yellow. Please ask for more information.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pink bouquet ideas

 Are you having pink as your colour scheme? Here are some bouquet ideas for you.
Calla lilies are always popular and en mass they create a stunning bouquet. Added to the edge you can have a little bit of bling with crystals threaded onto bear grass.
 For a winter bouquet how about the delicate cyclamen? Available in many shades of pink, I'm sure there is a shade or two suitable for you.
 A gorgeous mix of summer flowers and a mix of different shades of pink. Roses and spray roses, larkspur, sweet peas, stocks, astrantia with a mix of foliage's.
 Gerberas are also popular again with many shades of pink available.
 Add in some pink roses for a softer look.
 Looking for a more traditional bouquet? Like lilies? (No they are not just for funerals) Pink asiatic lilies make a gorgeous bouquet, add in ivory roses and bear grass loops for a modern look.
 How about a full shower bouquet? The bear grass add length without adding weight or bulk. One of my personal favourites with Sweet peas, roses and eustoma.
 Garden roses are fragrant as well as stunning. Available in many shades.Above and below.

 Don't like the large flower roses? These akitos are much smaller and more delicate.
 Orchids are another favourite, surrounding a single garden rose gives a modern take on the Victorian posy style.
 Gyp seems to be in fashion this year and proving really popular with my brides.
A very popular style the last couple of years. A mass of roses, here we have ivory and pink avalanche and metallina, with a bear grass cage and salal collar.
A lovely summer bouquet with a hint of pink. White eustoma, freesia, bouvardia and roses with a few pink roses.

This is only a small example of pink flowers/bouquets available. If you would like to see anymore please contact me for a consultation.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Purple bouquet ideas

 Are you having purple as your main colour? Looking for bouquet ideas? Here are a few examples that previous brides have carried.
Above, a bouquet of amnesia and avalanche roses with gyp and eucalyptus foliage.
 A mixed eustoma bouquet, purple, white and bi coloured white with a purple edge, with fountain grass.
 Picasso and schwartzwalder calla lilies with white gerberas and foliage.
Or how about an overarm bouquet of call lilies and beargrass.
Or a posy hand tie of Picasso calla lilies.
A mixed bouquet of avalanche roses and calla lilies with purple eustoma and freesia.

If you are looking for a more subtle colour mix, how about this bouquet of ivory roses, blue agapanthus, lavander, freesia, pink eustoma and veronica. Eucalyptus adding to the colour shade.

If you are after a truly purple flower, you can't beat purple eustoma. Teamed with ivory roses and fern it gives a stark contrast.
Want more purple? Add in purple freesia and less roses.
More subtle? Ivory roses, freesia and bouvardia, with a few eustoma flowers.
Having a spring wedding and want purple, how about purple tulips?

Just remember purple is a strong colour on its own and if your maids are in this colour they will need something lighter to carry. Be it a mix of darker and lighter flowers or just lighter ones. Think about having a range of shades from dark purple to very pale lilac this gives a more natural look to your flowers and if carried through your wedding does save on the difficulty of matching different fabrics etc. As long as it all tones it will work.
These are a few of my designs, I have plenty more available. Please ask for details.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Topiary Balls

 Topiary balls are also available to hire. I currently have them in square silver tubs but I hope to have a mix of pots available soon. The balls can be dressed with fresh flowers if you wish for an added charge or with hired silk flowers included in the price. Fairy lights are also available.
 The balls can also be dressed suitable to hang around your venue. They can be used inside or out, wherever there are hangers.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Vases and candelabras for hire

 Are you looking to hire items for your wedding? I have a selection of vases, candelabras and bowls which are available to hire either with or without flowers.
Above is one of my spectacular crystal chimney candelabras. They are taller than the average candelabra and with the crystal chimneys are more expensive but they work equally well on their own or with added flowers
 I also hire out a selection of fish bowls in sizes from 8" - 14" and have mirrors in two sizes.
 Silver single candlesticks are an alternative to the candelabras.
 Silver hurricane vases are also available, again these are a larger size than most places have.
 I have martini vases in 4 different sizes, these are the lower ones but also available are 70 cm tall, 40 cm tall and black mini vases.
 Glass cubes are a great alternative to fish bowls for lower arrangements.
 I also provide bay trees. These can be dressed in colours to suit each wedding at no extra charge.

If you are hiring to DIY I can arrange delivery to you at home or your venue to suit and will collect after the event. A small local delivery charge will apply. For events further afield please enquire with a postcode for delivery/collection prices.