Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Oaklands Hotel, Grimsby

Following on from the church service was the wedding breakfast at The Oaklands Hotel, Grimsby.
The top table display was split into 3 separate designs. A larger middle arrangement with two similar but smaller designs at either end.

The flowers were of a similar content to the brides bouquet with germini, freesia, viburnum, bupleurum and white stallion chrysants with a mix of foliage.

 The guest tables each had a medium fish bowl with ivory germini and bear grass with an ivory candle and clear crystal stones in the base.

I also dressed the table with tea lights in small glass holders and clear table crystals.

Each of the ladies chairs was dressed with an added germini with diamante in the chair bow.

The whole room all ready and waiting the arrival of the bride and groom.

I love receiving emails like this a week after the wedding.

Hi Sandra
Thank you so much. The flowers were absolutely stunning and are still going strong now!
It's been a pleasure having you do the flowers for the wedding.
Hayley (April 2013)

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