Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sunflower wedding flowers

Jemma's wedding was all sorted remotely, a brief conversation on the phone and emailed photos of bouquets and table designs she liked. The overriding component though was sunflowers and gyp.
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The bridal bouquet was large sunflowers surrounded by clouds of gyp with a little foliage as a supporting collar. 

The stems were wrapped in bright yellow satin ribbon

Slightly unusually the 5 adult bridesmaids each carried a large single sunflower with the stem completely wrapped in yellow ribbon with a bow and trails under the head.
These are usually carried by the smaller bridesmaids but looked fantastic against the dresses.

The 3 flower girls wore a single small sunflower on their wrists tied onto yellow satin ribbon.

The groomsmen all wore a small sunflower buttonhole with leaves, and ears of corn. The stems were wrapped in twine.

The ladies wore a similar buttonhole with added gyp.

The bridal party flowers ready for delivery to the bride. 
This would be our first meeting on handing over, always a nervous time for me, especially when the bride has gone walkabout and no-one can get hold of her! Take your phone with you ladies if you pop out for some air.
Anyway, the flowers were greatly received and I got a hug so all was going well when I left. 

The bridal bouquets are always handed over to the bride personally. I want to see you are happy with them, usually in a hotel that means bringing them up to your room. If you are mid hair/make up I can talk to you while you are still being beautified. I show you each bouquet and who's is who's and check any buttonholes etc are where you want them. 
Some hotels will have a cooler room for storing them while you get ready other unfortunately don't. 
The bride usually receives the flowers first then the groom, then reception, so any changes to peoples whereabouts and buttonholes can be accommodated. 

If you like these designs or are wanting to discuss your wedding flower options please get in touch today to book a consultation.

Sandra X

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