Monday, 3 April 2017

Purple and Lilac wedding party flowers

This is the wedding of the lovely Becky whom I met through a networking group I attend.
She already had the colours sorted but wasn't sure on what flowers would be available in purple. Now there aren't as many varieties as say pink, but what are out there are gorgeous. 
After showing a few photos of different designs Becky decided she liked the shower style of bouquet. From this she also picked out calla lily and roses with eustoma, campanula and agapanthus. 

Minimal foliage was used but asparagus was a filler

The 3 bridesmaids carried an overarm design of purple, white and bi coloured calla lilies with aspidistra leaves and bear grass.

The groomsmen wore a lilac rose with purple campanula florets, asparagus fronds and bear grass loops.

The mums wore a purple corsage of a lilac rose, purple eustoma and campanula flowers, asparagus fronds and loops of bear grass.

The 2 flower girls each had a silver heart wand with campanula and eustoma flowers. These were adorned with a lilac organza bow with trails.

The wedding flower presentation box all ready for delivery to the bride.

Is this your style? Wedding colours? If so get in touch to see how we can recreate all or part of this wedding especially for you. Whether you love the flowers as they are or you want to take inspiration from these and add your own varieties we can advise and guide you through the process of designing your own bouquet. Get in touch today to book a consultation and start the process of choosing your dream flowers.

Come back tomorrow when we post the reception flowers 

Sandra X

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