Monday, 23 January 2017

Peony rose and daisy wedding flowers

Alice already had a vision for her flowers but wasn't sure if it would all work in reality. She really wanted to have peonies and roses but wanted to incorporate daisies into the mix as well. Not a usual mixing of flower varieties but anything is worth looking at. The colour scheme chosen was white and a delicate pink and these work really well with peonies and roses. The daisies also have yellow middles so we discussed whether this would be a problem, other than that we saw no reason to not put the mix together. Add in eucalyptus foliage and you have a truly lovely bouquet filled with scent.

The single bridesmaid carried a mix of pink and white roses with daisies and eucalyptus.

The two bouquets had lace wrapped around the stems to compliment the bride's dress.

The two mum's wore a corsage of a pink and an ivory rose plus a few daisies with Rosemary foliage.

The groom and main groomsmen wore a boutonniere of an ivory rose, freesia florets, rosemary and eucalyptus leaves.

The rest of the bridal party wore a single ivory rose with eucalyptus.

The buttonholes are pinned onto a board for delivery.
These can be labelled if required.

If you have something different in mind for your bouquet but not sure whether it will work please get in touch to discuss your options. If it is doable we are happy to provide, whether in our style/taste or not. We at The Studio never forget it is your day. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sandra x

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