Thursday, 16 February 2017

All Saint's Church Branston

Claire and her groom were married at All Saints Church at Branston.
(To see the bouquets click here)
This was the first time we have decorated this church and what a lovely space it is. So light and airy and although still having many traditional church features it felt very modern inside.

We placed two traditional style pedestals at the altar with a mix of flowers from the bridal bouquet, roses, gyp and eucalyptus along with eustoma, carnations and stallion chrsants and other mixed foliage.

Some of these flowers and foliage are scented which adds another dimension to the displays.

Still incorporating the ivory and blush colour scheme,
The stands were ours, hired, we have them in white too should you wish.
For ease of moving to the venue the display is in a self contained dish which sits in the pedestal. This also means that the displays can be kept/given as gifts after the day has ended and we can collect our stands.

The pew ends were lovely small white wicker heats, which the bride provided along with the gorgeous satin ribbon for hanging. We added on a blush pink and ivory rose with lace ribbon and hung them on alternative pews. 

Looking very effective against the dark wood

The aisle of All Saints Church Branston.

The ceremony space all set for the happy couple.

We also provided a lovely long and low display for the entrance but the vicar locked the door before I remembered to take a photo!! This was also transferred to the wedding breakfast for the top table display.

If you are having a church wedding, whether here at Branston or another church please get in touch to see how we could style the area in keeping with your bridal party flowers. We believe this is all part of the same set up and as such all displays should tone in together to create a beautiful space and memory for years to come.

We can decorate any church but please ask the vicar/warden before speaking to us as some churches prefer the ladies to provide the flowers. The earlier you mention you are speaking to a florist and keep them informed the easier the whole process is for all. 
We are always happy to speak direct to them to align any fears they have about the fabric of the building.

We have a large portfolio of many local churches we have had the pleasure in decorating for our happy couples.

Sandra x

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