Friday, 10 February 2017

Funeral Tributes

Today we take a look at the tribute side of our business. We don't very often talk about this for obvious reasons but it is all part and parcel of what we do.
We take great pride in our funeral designs. They are a persons last gesture to a loved one and we are always honored to be asked to create a display.

We can create all types of designs and these are just a fraction of what we have created over the years. Over the next few months we will be showcasing in more details the types and styles available but for now these will give an idea of what we can design.

A traditional loose wreath.
These come in differing sizes and can be designed in any colour available.

The letters are priced per letter and can be anything appropriate. Just remember that 7 letters is the length of the hearse.
Letters are usually white but can be yellow or pink. They can have ribbon (any colour) edge, or foliage edged or just plain.
Ribbons can be personalized for a small extra cost.

Gates of heaven.
Usually in white with a spray in any colour to suit. Again ribbons can be added and personalized.

Sprays are usually put on every other letter and can be co-ordinated with the ribbon or not as required

A handbag style design.
This was a personalized tribute for a lady who made bags.

These come in a variety of sizes and can be created in any colour combination required.


Loose Wreath
These colours were chosen from the ladies bridal bouquet


Open Heart
These come in two sizes and can be based as below or loose like the wreaths.

Loose wreath

Small posies are a token design and very popular from grand children

Oasis Sprays.

These can be small to full sized coffin sprays. They are our most popular design and can be created to any budget. They are good value for money as they have very few mechanics/base.
A good array of flowers are suitable for these designs

Coffin Spray
These are large oasis sprays. They sit on top of the coffin and our advice on size is no less than 3ft and no more than 5ft. 
If more than one design is to be placed then you can go smaller.

Posy pad

Starting at 10" up to 20". These are popular as memorial designs on anniversaries and birthdays

Open Sheaf
These are a take on the traditional gift bouquet. No cellophane and more natural. Basically a bunch of flowers with a foliage backbone. These are popular if flowers are to be taken to hospitals or homes after the funeral.



We can create anything to suit the hobbies, jobs or happy memories that make saying goodbye more personal.
Did you love playing in the snow together?

Have a love for steam trains?

Oasis spray
One of our smaller spray designs but still very pretty.

If you are in the unfortunate position of needed tribute flowers please get in touch. You have a few options on how to proceed. 
You can get the family together and Sandra will call around with books and photos and sit with you all over a coffee and talk you through availability, price and suitability. Many families have used this option and it tends to be filled with happy memories and a chance to chat, as a family, about your lost loved one. There is never any rush, choosing of the designs will be in familiar surroundings and at a pace to suit you all.
Or you can phone or email and discuss your designs. Taking time to think through any options with other family before making your final choice.
Or we have an online shop and you can order direct through that. Click here

Everybody is different and we all cope differently in these situations so go with the option that suits you best. We are always happy to advise where needed but the final choice is always yours.

We offer thanks and condolences to all families who have asked us to create designs.

Sandra x

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