Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Branston Hall Wedding flowers

Continuing our look at local venues, today we feature Branston Hall. We have set up here many times over the years, unfortunately photos have got lost in time, and we haven't been back as regularly as we would like. A fabulous venue with different set ups for the size of your day.
A few of the more recent set up we have styled.
The ceremony table placed in the centre of the back wall with the lovely mirror behind will be the focus of proceedings. A gorgeous long and low design in your style and wedding colours makes the perfect addition to your vows.

Fram that with our lovely bay trees, dressed to match your colours, whatever colour you choose.

The view on signing the register.

Bay trees make perfect additions to the entrance or start of the aisle

For you guest tables, the ceiling isn't particularly high and we have more often than not created low designs for these tables.

Beautiful striking fishbowls of blue flowers and a candle for lighting as the day turns to the after party.

Gorgeous country crates can be filled with all sorts of prettiness.

Keep it simple with gibers in a short lily vase

or add to an oversized fishbowl for a dramatic design.

Small flower balls on lily vases add height to the tables without being over powered in the room.

We have many more suggestions for your ceremony or reception set up and would love the chance to talk you through the options.
If you are getting married here or any similar venue please get in touch to discuss starting your flowery journey with us.

Sandra X

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