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What happens during a consultation for your wedding flowers?

This is a question I get asked a lot. You are not alone in wondering how all this works. You may be new to wedding planning, if you are CONGRATULATIONS!! on your upcoming wedding.

Lets take a step back,

We, as suppliers know you most likely have NEVER arranged anything like this before in your life. You may have helped a friend or relative but not had to make these kind of decisions for YOUR special day and are feeling nervous or anxious and may even be some what stressed. Add in to the mix you and your partner are still (possibly) finding out those little likes and dislikes that have not come up before. Who knew you didn't like freesia? Or are set against any sort of peach within the wedding as you HATE the colour? Add in to that family suggestions and trying to be helpful and telling you you once said you loved yellow roses.

We, as suppliers, don't expect you to know every name of every flower or what bloom comes in what shade of pink. We know you possibly won't know a peony from a daisy, but we do. That is our job, one we love and cherish and are passionate about. That is why you need to talk to a professional who CAN help and advise you on what shade of pink that bloom comes in and knows the name of that flower in that photo from Pinterest.

What we do need from you is honesty. If we ask you if you love something say if you do or not. We won't be offended. If we ask you about the dreaded budget, be honest. There is no point us spending hours going through designs you can't afford, it is demoralising for all involved. Equally if you are looking at jam jars but dream of huge candelabras tell us your budget and they may well be affordable.

So you have decided you like the look of our designs, thank you, and make contact. We will ask you your email address so we an get a little information from you before you arrive. This gives you breathing space and allows you to start thinking of your day in terms of flowers.

We ask these questions;
Must have flowers
Items required

This is not to be nosy but to gain an understanding of the kind of day you are wanting to create. It also helps with flower choice and style of designs to help the consultation move along and not get bogged down in too much detail but be as accurate as possible so we don't miss anything.
Now if you don't know one or a number of these, that is fine but the more information we have the more you will get from the meeting and you will benefit from the time we spend together.

Who to bring, bring whomever you think will help and guide you and knows you well. This time the groom may not be the best person, most guys are bored and tag along for this bit. We are always happy to meet them but you may be better bringing mum, future mum in law or a bridesmaid with you. If they know your dress then even better as they will help you visualise your look on the day.

We meet, and now we start the process of going through your day and flower requirements.
We always start with your bouquet. This should be where all the other designs take their leave from.  What style do you like, colours, etc. I start by showing you lots of images of bouquets, unless of course you know what you want. If you do please bring photos and images to help you describe what that is. I will see a trend appearing on style, from there colour and varieties can be picked out and from there we have a list starting to form. You will find, even if you know nothing of flowers, once you start to concentrate on likes and dislikes this comes together quite quickly.
From your bouquet we go to your maids and flower girls bouquets. Do you want flower crowns?
From there to the guys and their buttonholes and then to mum's.
Extended family can be awkward here but I talk you through your options for everyone.

That is the bridal party finished.

From there if you are getting married in church we go through the same process, starting with what your options are, yes or no, and then choosing designs that work best for your type of day.

Then on to the reception venue and guest table designs. Now this is usually where a good proportion of your budget will go. 10 tables at £60 is £600. If your whole budget is only £800 and you want church flowers and have 5 bridesmaids etc we need to look at alternative displays. This is why you need to be honest about your budget. It is not my intension to make you spend more than you can afford, I want you to have the flowers and wedding of your dreams but not if that means you are in debt for ever more. It is one day, a very special non repeating day, but one day of the rest of your life.
There are many varied and fabulous table displays for your guests to WOW over, we just need to find one that suits you and your day.

I always advise to add in everything that you think you want that way when you get the quote it is top budget but includes everything. You can always amend when you've had time to think ideas through.

You will receive, within 7 days, a full quote. Everything we have discussed will be in there and a final figure. If we talk through a few options I can add in price points, small, medium and large, or price up different designs to suit you.

Your date is available when I meet you. It is NOT guaranteed. The only time that your date is confirmed with you is when you pay the booking fee. I do try and be fair and if I get another enquiry for the same day I will contact you and give you heads up, after that it is down to you.

Your quote can be amended after you book. Once you go through your wedding planning and get a clearer idea on the look of your day changes do frequently happen. Please just keep me informed. Always best to do so at the time. I have had brides think an update has been made but not told me. If your wedding changes from pink to blue and you don't say, I won't know. The quote I send you is the worksheet for your designs. If it says 10 buttonholes and you up to 14 and don't say you will only receive 10.

If at the meeting, and subsequently, you have a question, ask it. There are no stupid questions. I want you to go away loving our chat and brimming with ideas and a great outlook that your flowers will WOW your guests and be a small part in making your day as perfect as can be.

Something to think about, a wedding checklist of those areas you may want flowers or decorations. (Found on Pinterest)

One of my recent bride's said this;

'You were professional throughout our whole experience and made planning the flowers a breeze'.

Job done!

Sandra x

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