Monday, 25 October 2010

St Gluvias Church, Penryn

St Gluvias church was the setting for Sue and Daren's blessing. A gorgeous church with alot of light made a welcome sight on Friday when I arrived with the pedestals and vases. I was busy finishing off the arrangements while the wedding rehersal went ahead. Sue had decided on two pedestals at the front of the aisle, one at the back facing the doorway and 2 large vase arrangements which were to be positioned near the door. However after talking to the vicar it was decided to place these on two small tables at the back of the church. The pew ends were made and hung in position Saturday just before the service.

A simple pew end of a single white rose, fountain grass, skimmia, hypericum berries and galax leaves.

The pedestals included white oriental lilies, cream roses, germinis, eustoma and stallion chrysants with red gerberas and plenty of foliage.

The flowers behind were created by the church ladies and greatly added to the floral display.

I also added to the porch 4 bowls from the reception and two baytrees, one either side the entrance. Unfortunately I never got around to taking photos as I became involved with pinning on everyones buttonhole.

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