Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Customer Service Workshop

Today I have been on a workshop that was based on customer service but that in the end has given me lots of ideas to move my business forward.
This was a taster freebie from Rachel who genuinely gave her time to a small group of us to see if her strategies could help improve our all round customer service. To see more about Rachel and what she does click here.
We discussed customer service in large brands and small and how we hope to be treated and what we expect as consumers ourselves. Then we moved on to how we interact with our clients and ultimately how we could improve. Rachel talked us through some simple ideas that can achieve fantastic results and I would recommend her course for anyone who deals with customers.
I feel overall, I hope, that my customer service skills are good, after all I did get 9.864 out of 10 from the brides who voted for me in the recent awards (see here for full scores), but there is still room for improvement. There is always room for improvement!

Look out for some new ideas and more interaction in the future. If anyone has any questions on any part of floristry, be it wedding designs, seasonality of flowers, tools of the trade etc please post below.

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