Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Wedding Industry Awards

The results are out!

Unfortunately I didn't win the regional final but I am still honored to have been chosen as a regional finalist, the only florist from Lincolnshire to do so. This was all achieved by my lovely brides voting for me, so I thank them all.
Yesterday afternoon was spent reading all the lovely comments left by my brides which really make these awards for me. My job, after all, is to produce designs which brides have trusted me to deliver and judging by the comments I manage to do that.

Below are the scores, out of 10, which I was awarded for various questions. The first score is my average from all voters and the second is the regions average.

Ability of your florist to understand, interpret and realise your vision and ideas.: 9.909: 9.893
Variety of different designs and ideas in your florist's portfolio.
                                                           (where 0 is poor and 10 is excellent).: 9.818: 9.642
Quality of expertise, advice and guidance received from your florist.: 9.909: 9.907
Quality of customer service and communication received from your florist.: 9.864: 9.842
Quality of your florist's web presence (web site, facebook etc).: 9.7: 9.483
Quality of the flowers on your wedding day.: 9.955: 9.97
Value for money.: 9.909: 9.737

As you can see, the scores are really high and I managed to achieve above average in most of the sections. I only dipped slightly on Quality of flowers, but at 9.955 out of 10 I don't think that's a bad score.

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