Thursday, 10 August 2017

Peach wedding bouquets

Another look at colour in bridal bouquets, focusing on peach, and all the hues from orange, coral, mango, apricot and salmon.
When talking through flower options do bare in mind the undertones to your peach colour, does it have pink tinges, yellow, orange, brown? This can vary widely and many peachy flowers will look a different shade next to a colour with opposing tones.
This gerbera wedding was a classic example. The bride wanted to match to her coral sashes and bridesmaid dresses. I chose many varieties and nothing seemed to work. In the end I gave a sample of fabric to my supplier who came up with a perfect match. Just talking colour tones is really difficult, seeing the colour really does help.

A more orange tone with these gorgeous roses, holly and berries for an autumnal look.

Or a pinky peach with another gorgeous rose, along with ivory roses and freesia, Rosemary, ferns and salal for a more elegant style.

For a Mary Poppins themed wedding lots of ruffles, lace and pearls, with Miss Piggy roses, a coral and ivory roses.

A structured teardrop design jam packed with roses from dark coral, lighter coral, peach and pale pink add in a few berries and heather and voila!

A different take on a rose packed bouquet, this time a hand tie. Softer brown/peach, cream/peach and a vibrant roses surrounded with fern.

Soft yellow peach roses amongst a cloud of gyp. 

A pastel bouquet showing peach and pink can work very well together

Or perhaps you are more vibrant? Orange and cerise pink gerberas with burgundy roses and foliage

A bridesmaid bouquet of peach lily, berries, stocks, darker alstroemeria, ivory veronica and phalaenopsis orchid to compliment

the bridal shower bouquet of similar flowers.

Calla lily have some lovely shades too.
These are mango calla teamed with ostrich feathers and dark foliage.

For a pretty style this bridal bouquet of peach calla, Miss Piggy rose, apricot carnation, eustoma and white hydrangea hits the spot.

The bridesmaid bouquet had alstroemeria instead of calla lily.

I hope this has given you inspiration for your peach coloured wedding bouquet. For more in-depth look at the weddings above search by colour under labels for the different shades. 
For more guidance please book a consultation where we can talk through the shades and tones you are using and come up with some flower varieties to suit.

Sandra x

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