Thursday, 24 January 2013

Guest table ideas

 Looking for venue ideas? Today I'm looking at some of the different options available.
Above are a mix of high and low designs both with pink lilies and willow. The height works well in a marquee drawing the eye through the venue but not overpowering you with the addition of the low designs.
 Fish bowls are a popular option with many different flower designs. These are a hand tie of Iris, roses and thistles with eucalyptus.
 Another conical vase arrangement with a mixed design of lilies, amaranthus roses, gerberas and mixed foliage.
 A low zinc bucket sprayed to match the brides colour scheme with a variety of summer blooms.
 Glass cubes with classic white blooms of Calla and oriental lilies and curcumas these were on low coffee tables in the venue as well as on guest tables.
 An autumnal mix of flowers in a low cylinder adds colour especially on a dark cloth. But why stick with white?
 A cute idea for a tea party. We used tea, coffee and sugar containers with 5 gerberas and added in iced gems.
 Carnations are staging a comeback and these are fabulous for a purple themed wedding. A table ring of bi coloured carnations and gyp with midelino loops.
 Another quirky idea for a village fete or garden theme, wellington boots. Add in some gorgeous summer blooms and foliage.
 Going for the minimalist look? Calla lilies in a bowl.
 A taller minimal design.Willow and gerberas but using the vase as part of the whole design.
 Roses in lily vases work with the room to add a little height to the tables without distracting from the room decor.
 Large martini vases add a statement to a room. They work very well in a blank canvass as a marquee.
 Low martini vases are an alternative to the fish bowls.
 Add a block of colour to your tables with a fish bowl filled with one flower. These can then be given away as gifts for your guests.
 If you want to co-ordinate your table designs with a hard to match in flowers colour, wrap a container in matching material.
 Traditional posies are still a popular choice and are a self contained gift for guests.
 Have personal containers you want to incorporate? This was from a brides collection of tea pots. All tables had a different tea pot but the same flowers which tied the theme together.
 Candles work well in bowls.
 Or in small martini vases.
 Candleabras don't have to be tall. Try these cute alternatives.
A vintage them? Tea party? Include a tea service into your designs.

These are just a small selection of what is available. I can design and create so much more.....ask to see more.

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