Monday, 21 January 2013

Civil Ceremony Flower Ideas

 Are you having a civil service? Her's a few ideas to decorate your chosen room.
Most of my lovely brides chose a traditional long and low for the registrars table. These work well s they are a focus for the front of the room and won't get in your registrars way.

 The top two are at Branston Hall.
 This combination is also popular if there is room. A long and low with a single, or duel (as below), pedestal.
Both of these are at Charlotte House.
 At The Epic centre.

 An autumn display at Hemswell court on their lower table.
 A different idea of two posies at The Judges Lodgings.
 It is also good to work with the features of the room. Use a fireplace or mantlepiece adding displays for extra colour.

 Two more long and lows.
 How about getting married under an archway. Just because you are getting married indoors doesn't mean you have to be conventional. This was at Elsham Hall.
 Bay trees can be placed at doorways or to line a walkway or behind the table.

 Mantlepiece design.
 Fishbowls can be used for a simple design.
 Or a flat cylinder design as a modern posy.

All of these designs can be moved to your reception and usually the lovely staff at your venue will oblige.

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