Sunday, 20 January 2013

Church Flowers

Are you having a church wedding? Don't know where to start with flowers? Here's a few ideas to get you started.
The gate way to the church: If there are pillars outside these can be decorated with posies of flowers to greet your guests.
 Most churches have archway doors but not all are suitable for decorating. Check with the church first, but if they allow it nothing makes a grander entrance than a garland of flowers. Finish this of with a bay tree either side and you have a perfect setting for photographs. This is is simple garland of foliage and roses, fuller designs are avalable.
 Inside the best place to decorate are the pews. Whether you go for full posy styles or

smaller designs with a few flowers in them. They suit all pew designs and really brighten up the aisle.
 You can alternate flowers with bows or have all flowers dependant on your budget.
 Such a pretty sight, also adding scented flowers or foliage will be a lovely addition for you and your guests.
 Another alternative is to mix the two and have full trailing bows with a single flower in the centre. This works well if you are having a colour scheme difficult to match with flowers.

 There are plenty of options for flowers in church and the only limitation really is you and your budget. You can add candles in most arrangements which cast a warm glow once lit.
Lilies always work well as they are a fabulous showy flower and you don't need many to make a great display.

Pedestals can be placed at the altar, where you say your vows, at the back of the church or in the doorway. I find traditional pedestals work best.

Fonts can also be prettied up. Depending on where they are situated in the church, this one was near the door, depends on how you display flowers. This was an all round arrangement or garlands work too.

Windowsills shouldn't be left out if budgets allow. These were really narrow and difficult to make an arrangement on so lilies and seasonal hops were laid across the space.

Or for deeper windows a lager display can be designed.

Most brides I deal with are reluctant to have many flowers in church as the time spent in there is minimal to the cost. But most of these designs can be moved across to your reception with a little planning. Pedestals are fabulous for the ends of your top table, pew ends can be laid across the front of the top table or hung on the backs of chairs. Window displays can be moved to other windows or fireplaces.

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